It's here already?! This summer we are hosting our 3rd annual [Be] series workshop - an intimate and powerful few days at the Delight House covering a convicting topic that will surely call your heart to deeper places. Discipline does not always feel good. But as young women of God, do we go after what is comfortable, or do we go after Christ? Click to read more details.

Announcing: Our Summer [Be] Workshop!


“I can’t help the state of my brain, and don’t feel productive or motivated. I won’t be able to get anything done even if I try, so I might as well do something else.” If those are the thoughts going through your mind every day as you struggle to find a balance, then this article is for you. Written by our very own Delight girl Lauren!

3 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

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Delight & Be ™ is an online and international community of young women, committed to serving each other, growing our relationships with the Lord, and developing our gifts and talents. Our mission is to inspire, to equip and to provide a place of authentic community for young women in the creative arts, being rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.

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Today is the fourth Monday of 2014!  Where did January go?  Seriously?? I can’t believe that it will be February in a few days.  I am not a natural born writer & it’s not my favorite thing to do, but I promise to do my best to write and update everyone as this crazy journey […]

Delight House

Delight House — Week 2 Update

By Kristin Wall, Founder of Delight So I am human & I tend to worry. Yesterday was no exception. I have a feeling that you are going to be hearing a lot about the Delight House in the future, so I am going to try to journal a bit along the way and share the […]

All About Delight

I was scrolling through my news feeds on the various social media networks I subscribe too, and I can’t even seem to get through 5 posts without seeing the same thing. A gorgeous girl, in a little outfit smiling big, and glowing with what would be defined as ‘self-confidence’. But all that I see is […]

Spiritual Growth

I know that life can get crazy sometimes, especially right after the Holidays! So take a little break to smile as you watch this video!

Spiritual Growth

“Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” // Matthew 25:21 Aren’t those the words that every one of us wants to hear when we stand before Almighty God? As I reflect and reminisce over 2013, I […]

Spiritual Growth

Today’s post is written by the lovely Alexxus Hall. Enjoy! ~Erin I must get it from my mother. She’s the cleaning + organizing + decluttering queen. And I am too, I guess. If I didn’t have any other dreams or goals for my life, I could probably make a decent living as a professional organizer. […]


Happy 2014 my wonderful blog friends! I cannot believe we are already on the 3rd day of the new year…time flies! To be quite honest with you I do not have any deep or dramatically inspiring words for you today. I am sure you have already read blog post after blog post about goals, dreams […]


The New Year has begun, and with it will come a flood of new opportunities, new choices, and second chances. As the ball begins to drop a thousand voices count down the seconds till 2014. Some of you will graduate this year. Some of you will reach your dreams, and some of you will make […]

Spiritual Growth




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