Each year we host an extensive retreat that girls all over the country attend, and each year we have an incredible time diving into the Word and exploring our creative talents together. Make new friends, dig deeper in your relationship with Jesus, listen to amazing speakers, and spend 5 days with us in the beautiful mountains of Washington. 

This week: 2017 Spring Retreat!

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It's no secret that growing up is hard. It's even more difficult when everyone around you seems to be moving forward, and you're stuck awkwardly stumbling around trying to figure it out on your own. Trust us: you are not alone. And we're here to help, with tips and advice every Saturday to help you prepare for the big things ahead. 

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Something is happening in our young women’s ministry and my spirit says we need to change the current narrative, because we are creating a dangerous habit. I’m afraid we are spending more time admiring the beauty of our decorated journaling Bibles than we are reading and being convicted by the Word.

Jesus Won't 'Like' Your Instagram Photo

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Delight & Be ™ is an online and international community of young women, committed to serving each other, growing our relationships with the Lord, and developing our gifts and talents. Our mission is to inspire, to equip and to provide a place of authentic community for young women in the creative arts, being rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.

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People would argue that fall is the best season. With the golden colors and crisp air. The campfires and the flannel and that harvest smell. But I’ve got a thing with spring.  Winter feels personal to me. As in, I fight it every single day. I spend much of my winter curled in a ball […]


{Be Real} Praise the Name.

  Just when red lips and polka dots couldn’t get ANY cuter and classier, they certainly do on Betty! What a charmer she is with her sweet style and amazing talent that she’s sharing with us! Seems like the PNW is where all the talent is! Road trip to Washington, anyone?? Take a look at […]

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I woke up early this morning and took a peek out the window.  My breath caught in my throat.  The most intense sunrise I’ve ever seen was just hanging out in the sky, like it didn’t care if anyone saw it or not. No sounds, no warning.  One minute it was dark, the next the […]


I don’t know about you, but I love baking! Sweets are usually high on the list of things I like to bake, with breakfast foods coming in a close second. While I usually never take the time to fix myself more than a bowl of yogurt or a smoothie most days for breakfast, I do […]

Culinary Arts

Space. Finally, I exhaled. It’s something my heart had been longing for, as I’ve been practicing the running again. Traveling here, traveling there. Seeing people. It was my off season, so I had the time. And it was just like me to fill my time to the brim. I filled it with good things, good […]


It is such an honor to have caroline share with us today! Not only is caroline extremely talented, but she is so young and definitely creating a niche in this industry! She is a force to be reckoned with so you should definitely give her a “follow” after reading what she shared with us today! […]

Brand Spotlight

  This week I will be talking about some of my favorite makeup products. I honestly don’t wear makeup that often. If I am going out or to school I might put on a little mascara but that is about it. Every once in a while though I will get the urge to do a […]

Health + Beauty

Well hey there.  I’m Kate.  I’m a graphic designer/worship leader/artist/writer/other.  Basically, I am a professional dabbler.  I don’t believe I am made for just one thing, which makes life both interesting and difficult, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You know, I never quite know what to write on these things.  What do […]

Brand Spotlight

Last November as the leadership team gathered at the Delight House to pray and brainstorm together for the future of Delight, we knew that the dreaded word “fundraiser” was going to have to be a topic of discussion. I love Delight & Be! I LOVE the girls so much! I love the precious little Delight […]

Delight House

This is absolutely hands DOWN one of my favorite go-to meals when I want something to throw in the crockpot or a soup pot and just forget about it! Well, until I eat it ;) Not only is it completely filling and so comforting, it’s something your wallet will be happy with too! A huge […]

Culinary Arts

My journal pages have been covered with one topic lately. Discontent. I could contrive all sorts of beautiful words to paint you a picture of gratitude and awe and wonder but I’m reminding myself that this little corner is about being real and I want to live up to that. The honest truth? I’m struggling […]


    I recently had a baby. A huge deal, I know. It was definitely a vastly life-affecting event. One of the parts I will never, ever forget is the moment that the nurse handed me my darling baby girl for the very first time. Her tiny body, the one I could hardly believe I […]

Delight & Be Series

In keeping with our featuring of several stylish Delight girls over the last several weeks, we’re kicking off the month of March with Hannah Jones! 1. If I could describe my style it would be classy/hipster/hobo ;) haha… My style is very well rounded I guess! I would consider myself a trendsetter. I like to […]

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